Weapon Collection
Weapon Collection II

The weapon collection houses records of all the weapons you have produced at your shop, including those made in the Forging Arena.
You can access your weapon collection by clicking on your weapon rack. This brings up the Weapon Collection interface where you can view all the records you have.
Each record can be mass produced and put up for sale on your weapon rack. A good way to help supplement your income.
Special Mastery Reward Perks can be earned by completely filling out a record page.
You can also trade in 8 records for coins or forging Materials.
Weapon records can also be attached to your Braver cards to boost their strength.
With the introduction of Weapon Enhancement, you will need plenty of records to help level up the weapons equipped by your Braver Cards. *Note - Weapon Enhancement only affects the specific weapon currently attached to the card. It does not affect the records in your Weapon Collection.


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