Spell Stone
Spell Stone
Material Type
Type: Advanced Material
Buy / Sell Info
Buy For: N/A
Sell For: 100 Coin

Base StatsEdit

Attribute Stat
Hard attribute 3
Mag attribute 9



Crusade Adventures:

Quest Reward:

Bonus MoraleEdit

Bonus morale points is awarded from perfect strikes during the forging process.
Moral Pts x5

Material UpgradeEdit

Gem costs are optional but provide a perfect enhancement

Level 0 => Level 1Edit

Upgrade step Cost Attribute Increase Gem Cost
0.1 1,500,000 Coin Hard attribute 3 => 4 ~ 6 150Gem
0.2 1,500,000 Coin Mag attribute 9=> 10~12   150 Gem

Level 1 => Level 2Edit

Upgrade step Cost Attribute Increase Gem Cost
1.1 Coin Hard attribute => ~ Gem
1.2 Coin Mag attribute => ~ Gem

Level 2 => Level 3Edit

Upgrade step Cost Attribute Increase Gem Cost
2.1 Coin Hard attribute => ~ Gem
2.2 Coin Mag attribute => ~ Gem

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