Silver recruitment token

Silver recruitment tokens are used in the Recruit Bravers
section of the game in order to gain Braver cards. They are
used in one section:
  • Recruitment
Recruitment allows for one free recruitment per day. After that
you will need to spend silver recruitment tokens to purchase
additional cards.
Silver recruitment tokens can be won in the Royal Arena or
purchased with Coins or Stamina. Each Purchase
will increase the cost of the next purchase incrementally.
*Special Note -  When you lose in the arena, you can post a wall feed
that will allow one player to receive and send you a silver recruitment 
token.  Only one person can claim this reward, and you can only post
this feed one time a day.
Coin Cost: The initial cost is based upon your current Fame Level.  
The higher your fame level, the higher the initial cost, and the cost
increases with each purchase.
Stamina Cost:
  1. 5 Stamina
  2. 10 Stamina
  3. 20 Stamina
  4. 40 Stamina
  5. 80 Stamina
  6. 160 Stamina
  7. 320 Stamina

Stamina and Coin costs reset everyday.

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