Saint Joan
Braver Type
Type: Legendary Braver
Min. Level Seen
Min. Level: Level 28
Stamina Search
Stamina: 10 Stamina
Sta. Search Time: 10:00 min
Gems Search
Gems: 1 Gem
Gem Search Time: Instant



"Please follow what God intended to do. Bring my children from France to expel the evil invader from Britain. Blacksmith! Do you feel the whisper from God too?"


"You don't have enough faith in God. Don't tell me you did something that betrayed God's inention."

Morale InfoEdit

All bravers begin at the general moral rank (Green face icon). Forging high quality weapons for bravers will net you moral experience. Increasing your braver's moral rank will give you bonus materials from their adventures and increases the starting level of their corresponding card.

Rank Starts at Pts. to next level.
Anxiety Rank Icon 0 501 pts
General Rank Icon 501 710 pts
Happy rank icon 1,211 690 pts
Excited Rank Icon 1,901 720 pts
Ecstasy rank icon 2,621 0 pts

Forging InfoEdit

Stamina Cost Material Slots
6 Stamina Material Slots Iconx6

Weapon Request
Attribute Requested Amount Needed
Hard attribute Star FullStar Full
Mag attribute Star FullStar FullStar Full
Good attribute Star FullStar FullStar FullStar FullStar Full
Lux attribute Star Full
Leg attribute Star Full

Request FulfillmentEdit

Weapon Rank Braver Comments Coin Reward Fame Reward
Rank D " " 0 Coin 0 Fame
Rank C " " - - Coin - - Fame
Rank B "I am going to restore my France land with the help of the weapon. The evil intruders, wait to die." 2400 Coin 240 Fame
Rank A Having this weapon, any evil spirits are going to bow their head when seeing its glory." 3600 Coin 360 Fame
Rank S " " 4,800 Coin 480 Fame

Adventure RewardsEdit

Stage 1Edit

Stage Boss Time to Complete Rewards
Alecto 3:00 minutes Sticky nucleus icon x1
Ant Queen 3:00 minutes
Brizo 3:00 minutes Sticky nucleus icon x2

Stage 2Edit

Stage Boss Time to Complete Rewards
Ghoul King 10:00 minutes Spell stone icon x2

Stage 3Edit

Stage Boss Time to Complete Rewards
King of Hell 25:00 minutes Nightmare rune icon x4

Stage 4Edit

Stage Boss Time to Complete Rewards
Nymphe Queen 45:00 mminutes Tears of goddess icon x1

Stage 5Edit

Stage Boss Time to Complete Rewards
Hell Dragon 1:00:00 hour Dragonscale icon x2


Adventure VictoryEdit

"Holding your weapon, I not only defeat the invasion from
Britain, but also killed the Hell Dragon, released the
prisoned souls."

Adventure FailureEdit

"Maybe your weapon can only bring me up to this point.
Failure is not shameful. God will continue to instruct me."

Exploration BonusEdit

Dark Moor +6

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