Region 1

Region 1

Region 1 Regional Chest

Regional Chest 1

Region 1Edit

Region 1 consists of the following areas
In order to open this regional chest, you will
need to reach 100% completion in these 3 areas.

Regional Chest 1 - Level 1Edit

Coins Key -

Guild Permit x15
Flames Stone x5
Spell Stone x5
Holy Stone x3
Nightmare Rune x3
Gems x1

Gems Key -

Holy Stone x5
Nightmare Rune x5
Tears of Goddess x4
Blood of Satan x4
PRO Steel x2
Crystal x2

Regional Chest 1 - Level 2Edit

Coins Key - 4,000 coins

Guild Permit x30
Flames Stone x10
Spell Stone x10
Holy Stone x6
Nightmare Rune x6
Gems x2

Gems Key - 10 Gems

Holy Stone x10
Nightmare Rune x10
Tears of Goddess x8
Blood of Satan x8
PRO Steel x4
Crystal x4

Level 3 Chest RewardsEdit

Coins Key

Gems Key