Quests in My Weapon Shop are a good source of Fame,
Coins, and rare Materials.
Quests generally involve completing Braver requests, stockpiling
various materials and coins, donating some of your hard won materials,
forging weapons and asking your friends for help via wall posts.
Most quests have a level requirement, the ones you get from the Chairman Kumor
appear to not have that requirement and allow you to immediately start the
next one as soon as you finish the previous one.
If you find a quest objective to difficult to complete, you can spend gems to 
skip parts of or the entire quest all together.
Quests that ask you to forge a weapon can be completed with any variation or
PRO variation of that weapon and weapons created at a friend's forge will also
count towards the quest completion.

Quest GiversEdit

Chairman Kumor
Apprentice Shenny
Store Manager Bellie
Carpenter Whitman
Princess Catherine
Prince John
Queen Margaret
King Otis
Blacksmith Rex


Lv. 1 - 10 Quests
Lv. 11 - 20 Quests
Lv. 21 - 30 Quests
Lv. 31 - 40 Quests
Lv. 41 - 50 Quests

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