Powerful Sturdy Axe
A Sturdy Axe imbued with the Destruction Attribute.


Attribute Amount Needed
Hard attribute Star Half
Des attribute Star Half

Mass Production StatsEdit

Mass production allows you spend stamina or gems to make large amounts of weapons for sale on your weapon rack. Each mass production costs one weapon record, which is used up in the process.
The 'Amount Produced' column does not take into account the Magic Maker Master Reward perk.
Cost Amount Produced Total Profit Profit to Cost Ratio Total Fame Fame to Cost Ratio
20 Gem 1,500 33,000 Coin 1,650 Coin per 1 Gem Fame Fame per 1 Gem
10 Gem 700 15,400 Coin 1,540 Coin per 1 Gem Fame Fame per 1 Gem
3 Stamina 180 3,960 Coin 1,320 Coin per 1 Stamina Fame Fame per 1 Stamina
1 Stamina 80 1,760 Coin 1,760 Coin per 1 Stamina Fame Fame per 1 Stamina

Royal Arena StatsEdit

The power rating is a flat bonus added directly to your cards base ATK and DEF values. The percentage increase for ATK, DEF and MAG is calculated after that.
Power Rating Icon ATK icon DEF icon MAG icon
+22 +1% +1% +0%

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