Guild permits icon
Guild permits are used to increase the Brave Limitation,
the amount of braves you can have out adventuring at one
The cost for increasing the limitation is the same for your
braves as well as for companion braves. You can also spend
gems to increase the brave limit. The gem costs vary depending
on how many permits you currently have versus how many more
you would normally need.

Brave Limitation Increase CostsEdit

Increase Number Permits Needed
1st Increase 30 Guild permits icon
2nd Increase 50 Guild permits icon
3rd Increase 80 Guild permits icon
4th Increase 130 Guild permits icon
5th Increase 210 Guild permits icon
6th Increase 340 Guild permits icon
7th Increase 550 Guild permits icon
8th Increase 890 Guild permits icon
9th Increase 1,440 Guild permits icon
10th Increase 2,300 Guild permits icon
11th Increase 3,770 Guild permits icon
12th Increase 6,070 Guild permits icon
13th Increase 9,840 Guild permits icon
14th Increase 15,910 Guild permits icon

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