A listing of all Grade D Braver Cards in the original set.
Grade D Cards can perform a breakthrough after reaching level 50.

Star Rank 1 CardsEdit

Star Rank:
Gold Star
Novice GradeD Rikishi GradeD Swordsman GradeD Alibaba GradeD Musashi GradeD
Trainee Brave GradeD Trainee Rikishi GradeD Trainee Swordsman GradeD Training Dummy Adv BreakthroughScroll

Star Rank 2 CardsEdit

Star Rank:
Gold StarGold Star
Knight GradeD Samurai GradeD Errant GradeD Yang Yu-Huan GradeD Spartacus GradeD
Mage GradeD Monk GradeD Ninja GradeD Blackbeard GradeD Octavian GradeD
Ranger GradeD Fighter GradeD Fencer GradeD Catalina GradeD Cleopatra GradeD

Star Rank 3 CardsEdit

Star Rank:
Gold StarGold StarGold Star
Mage Knight GradeD Savages GradeD Voodooist GradeD Robin Hood GradeD Oda Nobunaga GradeD
Mage Errant GradeD Evil Monk GradeD Blood Assassin GradeD Marco Polo GradeD Sain Joan GradeD
Bard GradeD Gladiator GradeD Claymore GradeD Zheng He GradeD Rani of Jhansi GradeD
Royal Knight GradeD Dark Samurai GradeD Elemental Shaman GradeD Lu Buwei GradeD Qin Shihuang GradeD
Sword Master GradeD Shadow Killer GradeD Berserker GradeD Columbus GradeD Himiko GradeD
Mind Master GradeD

Star Rank 4 CardsEdit

Star Rank:
Gold StarGold StarGold StarGold Star
Immortal Ranger GradeD Paladin GradeD Mage Swordsman GradeD Elizabeth I GradeD Beowulf GradeD
Devil Slayer GradeD Arena God GradeD Destroy Duke GradeD Hook GradeD Achilles GradeD
Hawkeye Ranger GradeD Dragon Knight (Brave) GradeD Jeraziah GradeD Merlin GradeD Arthur GradeD
Immortal Rider GradeD Paladin Master GradeD Cupid GradeD Dracula_D Asura GradeD
Perseus_D Susanoo GradeD

Star Rank 5 CardsEdit

Star Rank:
Gold StarGold StarGold StarGold StarGold Star
Supernatural Mage GradeD Spectral Ninja GradeD Shogun GradeD Haruakira GradeD Caesar GradeD
Evrs Prophet GradeD Uncharted Hunter GradeD Phoenix Knight GradeD Bodhidharma GradeD Alexander GradeD
Plain Walker GradeD - - - - King Solomon_D Genghis Khan_D
- - - - Purgatory Swordsman_D Imhotep_D Sun Goddess_D
- - - - Necrojudge GradeD Tutankhamun_D Shiva GradeD
S Training Dummy Adv Venus GradeD

Star Rank 6 CardsEdit

Star Rank:
Gold StarGold StarGold StarGold StarGold StarGold Star
Invincible Warrior GradeD - - Necromancer GradeD Mercury GradeD Odin GradeD
Heart Eater D - - - - Lilith D Lucifer GradeD
Phantom Overlord D Leader of Protess D Elemental God D Nu Wa D Zeus D

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