Gold recruitment token

Gold recruitment tokens are used in the Recruit Bravers
section of the game in order to gain powerful Braver
cards. They are used in two sections:
  • Classic Recruitment
  • Royal Recruitment
Classic Recruitment offers two buying options. The first
is a 1 to 1 card buy and the second is a 10 card buy with
a 1 gold token redemption. All cards bought from this
section are guaranteed to be at least star rank 3 and up.
Royal Recruitment has one buying option, 6 gold tokens per
card buy with a 2 gold token redemption. (Currently 40% off.
Most likely for a limited time). In exchange for the exorbitant
cost of this section, cards bought from here will be some of the
most powerful cards in the game, starting at star rank 4 and up.
The current buying options for gold recruitment tokens:
  • 150 Gem ==> Gold recruitment token x1
  • 20 Facebook Credits ==> Gold recruitment token x1
  • 200 Facebook Credits ==> Gold recruitment token x11
  • 1,000 Facebook Credits ==> Gold recruitment token x60

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