Blacksmith Zone

Blacksmith Zone

Blacksmith Land ZoneEdit

This zone encompasses all the areas
of Blacksmith Land. In order to open
this chest, you will need to reach
100% completion in all areas.

Blacksmith Zone BossEdit

Ancient Behemoth Camp lvl2 50
Ancient Behemoth abilities
Ancient Behemoth lvl2
Ancient Behemoth
Level 50
6 Star Boss
ATK icon - 4,732
DEF icon - 4,732
MAG icon - 5,096
  • 5 Silver recruitment token
  • 4 Gem
  • 5,000 Fame
  • 18 Red Courage Flag
  • 10 Green Courage Flag
Friend Rewards:
  • 18 Green Courage Flag
  • 10,000 Coin
  • 4 Hourglass icon

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