Braver Type
Type: Rare Adventurer
Min. Level Seen
Min. Level: Level 12
Stamina Search
Stamina: 7 Stamina
Sta. Search Time: 10:00 min
Gems Search
Gems: 1 Gem
Gem Search Time: Instant



"Hahaha. Last time, I shaved all my gray beard. Come and get me an even better weapon. I want to let those devil-may-care fellows see what I got!"


"I have seen too many people who just throw their lives away... But I haven't really met anyone who wants money so badly like you."

Morale InfoEdit

All bravers begin at the general moral rank (Green face icon). Forging high quality weapons for bravers will net you moral experience. Increasing your braver's moral rank will give you bonus materials from their adventures and increases the starting level of their corresponding card.

Rank Starts at Pts. to next level.
Anxiety Rank Icon 0 501 pts
General Rank Icon 501 360 pts
Happy rank icon 861 350 pts
Excited Rank Icon 1,211 360 pts
Ecstasy rank icon 1,571 0 pts

Forging InfoEdit

Stamina Cost Material Slots
3 Stamina Material Slots Iconx3

Weapon Request
Attribute Requested Amount Needed
Mag attribute Star Full
Lux attribute Star Full

Request FulfillmentEdit

Weapon Rank Braver Comments Coin Reward Fame Reward
Rank D " " 0 Coin 0 Fame
Rank C "With this weapon who cares about my beard? I'll just use this to shave it all off. " 463 Coin 18 Fame
Rank B " " - - Coin - - Fame
Rank A " " - - Coin - - Fame
Rank S "With this weapon, I don't think anyone can out beat me in the entire sea area." 3,600 Coin 75 Fame

Forging RecommendationsEdit

Put up a sign that says, "We Reserve the Right to Refuse Service to Anyone," and tell Blackbeard to go away. There is no way to forge a weapon that suits his needs without spending far too many coins on materials, and it's much easier to get Sticky Nuclei from Musashi, or even as chance drops from other Braves.

Adventure RewardsEdit

Stage 1Edit

Stage Boss Time to Complete Rewards
Ghost 3:00 minutes Magic stone icon x1

Stage 2Edit

Stage Boss Time to Complete Rewards
Sirene 10:00 minutes Sticky nucleus icon x10


Adventure VictoryEdit

"Hahaha. I killed the mermaid with chop after chop.
That screaming really gets me going..."

Adventure FailureEdit

"Don't let me catch you out at sea or else how I look now will be how you look. "

Exploration BonusEdit

Bay Breeze +3